LEED-EB Picogram/Lumen hour calculator

To help you calculate the picograms of mercury per lumen hour — pg/lu-hr for lighting systems in facilities considering LEED-EB certification, Philips Lighting has created this unique combination worksheet and calculator. A rating below 90.00 is considered to be in compliance with the LEED-EB certification standards. If you are not doing LEED-EB this calculator is still a great tool to reduce overall lamp mercury content.

Simply name an area within your facility. Select the brands and types of lighting used in that area. Enter the number of fixtures for each type and hit the "Calculate" button.

Add more areas until you've covered the entire facility. Then click on "Finish Calculations." A summary report will appear, complete with buttons that will print out a LEED-EB friendly version of the information.

Area Name:
Brand Lamp type Lamp Lamps
per Fixture
# of
pg/lu-hr rating weighted average for this area:  
Calculator tools:
  Indicates average mercury content of lamps is 70 or below picograms per Lumen-Hour.
Indicates average mercury content of lamps is 71 - 90 picograms per Lumen-Hour.
Indicates average mercury content of lamps is over 90 picograms per Lumen-Hour.

When selecting OTHER under Brand to manually enter non-Philips products, you will need to input the lamp life, mercury content, and design lumens in order to determine the mercury rating.

This calculator is not intended as a final determination of LEED credit eligibility.
For more information about the LEED program, please visit: www.usgbc.org