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Discover Signify’s carbon offsetting program


For Signify, becoming a carbon neutral company by 2020 means investing in several carbon emission reduction projects. These projects help us support communities in emerging economies to transition to a low-carbon economy. Our selected projects also drive social, economic, and environmental progress for the communities within which they operate. We have...


Standardized data for building smarter cities


Today, cities generate 70% of global GDP. They’re also home to 53% of the world’s population, with estimates indicating this figure will rise to 70% by 2050. Few would contest that making cities smarter is crucial in shaping a more sustainable future. Over the past two decades, the term ‘smart...


Splendor on the waterfront: Revitalizing neglected neighborhoods


Let’s hear it for revitalization projects that help create a city’s identity. By building two new amazing outdoor spaces near the waterfront, Montreal and Philadelphia are demonstrating the importance of making their cities more livable. Everybody wins when eco-design and location unite to meet the needs of the people.[...] ...

2 Wheels 4 Seasons

2 Wheels, 4 Seasons


Cycling, in addition to being an indisputable ally against greenhouse gas emissions, has also been proven as a powerful tool to maintain one’s health. Even though many consider lycra shorts and sports jackets as the only possible attire for a cyclist, many people are using this mode of transportation in...