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Addressing the challenges of parking garage lighting


Maintaining light levels in a parking garage at all times often results in high lighting costs for owners. In most cases, parking garages are lit with traditional HID or linear fluorescent sources, which are costly to maintain, and may not provide adequate illumination. In addition, HID luminaires can be very...


The G3 LED Parking Garage Luminaire Offers Complete Design Flexibility


Our friends at Philips Gardco are introducing the G3 LED Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaires. A single garage luminaire with multiple personalities delivers economy and performance. The Philips Gardco G3 parking garage luminaire combines excellent performance with value, providing one of the most energy efficient lighting solutions for the energy and...

A Simple Switch

A Simple Switch for a Sustainable World


A sustainable world is one that only uses energy efficient lighting. Energy efficient lighting is part of the solution to both climate change and the energy crisis. It will also help speed up the revolution towards a new world energy audit in which renewable energy sources will radically change the way...