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How a new lighting industry open-platform will lead us to IoT


Since the adoption of LED in outdoor lighting, we have seen more advanced lighting control systems connecting luminaires and other assets to operators using cloud-based systems, sometimes referred to as, software as a service, that maximizes energy savings, adapts lighting to local activities and acts as an asset management tool. They are connecting luminaires/assets...


Flexible lightstrip complements Philips Hue Outdoor range


Signify announces the launch of the Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor. The new flexible lightstrip complements the existing Philips Hue outdoor portfolio and is perfect for accentuating outdoor areas. The Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor is the latest addition to the outdoor range launched earlier this summer. It is developed for use outdoors...


Sensor ready, designed for smart cities


The digital revolution and the Internet of Things presents exciting opportunities for cities to benefit from future innovations in connectivity. But advances in technology happen so quickly, it can be difficult to decide when to opt in. The SR (Sensor ready) architecture gives you a future-proof foundation that you can build...


Drive growth with Light to go


Signify is excited to introduce new product families to the Light to go growing portfolio of products. The Philips Lighting-branded LED luminaires are designed to meet the specific needs of electrical contractors and over-the-counter purchasers. These LED fixtures are budget-friendly while they also reflect the high quality and availability that...