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Philips Color Kinetics EvenBalance Powercore : Unprecedented uniformity for your white-light applications


Philips Color Kinetics EvenBalance Powercore has arrived – with gentle, uniform wall grazing and washing perfect for illuminating textured and flat surfaces. We created EvenBalance in response to a strong demand from lighting professionals who needed to bring even illumination to a wide range of indoor applications – and who...


Mobile Applications in Outdoor Lighting: Are You Up to Date?


Today’s topic is about mobile applications, more specifically such applications that can be of great use in our industry of outdoor lighting. You or someone you know is most probably already equipped with such technologies as a mobile phone or a tablet. Without a doubt, such tools are now part of...


Lighting Professionals: Let Your Voices Be Heard!


As a marketing professional, I can tell you that each of my clients, which are in fact you, dear readers, are at the heart of my main professional concerns. What do you think of the LED lights? How can I best reach you? Is it through social networks or specialized...