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Lighting Pollution_930x360

Light Pollution – The Effects on Animals and Humans


Listen to the experts and learn more about the effects of light pollution on animals and humans. Attend this webinar to learn how the novel lighting technology can reduce the negative effects of artificial light on species and ecosystem at night. Live on Thursday January 17, 2019  10AM EST and 4:00 PM...


Interact Hospitality Reimagining the Hotel Experience


Join us at The Hotel Experience marketplace and conference, in New York City, where the theme is “Reimagining Hospitality”. We will be demonstrating how Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) has been in the process of doing our own bit of “reimagining” about how property owners can streamline their operations while still...


Wire mess or wireless? Introducing Interact Pro app and portal


Looking for a simple way to connected lighting? This game-changing connected lighting system consists of Philips Interact Ready light sources wirelessly integrated with the Interact Pro app and portal. Installation doesn’t require extra cabling or IT support, so you can complete jobs quickly and without hassles. The challenge with today’s...


Bring bright, beautiful direct-view LED lighting to your structures


The newest addition to the Philips Color Kinetics Flex family brings bright, beautiful direct-view LED lighting to structures of all sizes and shapes. FlexElite’s modular design, exceptional illuminance, long run lengths, maximum node spacing, and 4 channel advanced color control, including the IntelliHue technology, distinguish it as the perfect choice for the...


How a new lighting industry open-platform will lead us to IoT


Since the adoption of LED in outdoor lighting, we have seen more advanced lighting control systems connecting luminaires and other assets to operators using cloud-based systems, sometimes referred to as, software as a service, that maximizes energy savings, adapts lighting to local activities and acts as an asset management tool. They are connecting luminaires/assets...