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Vietnam’s Ancient Imperial City of Huế is now illuminated with Philips Color Kinetics technology


Illuminating an Imperial Icon Vietnam’s most important historical and cultural monument, the ‘Imperial City’ of Huế has been spectacularly illuminated with Philips Color Kinetics technology by Signify Revitalizing history The thick stone walls of Hue’s fortress offered protection to citizens of the ‘Imperial City’ for nearly a century and a...


CLUE Competition is coming back, new and improved


New frequency, new prizes, new collaborations We are excited to announce many new changes recently implemented to improve the CLUE competition and your overall experience within it! Here all the latest changes to the CLUE competition:   CLUE is becoming bi-annual Our competition is becoming bi-annual which means that we will...


Bring bright, beautiful direct-view LED lighting to your structures


The newest addition to the Philips Color Kinetics Flex family brings bright, beautiful direct-view LED lighting to structures of all sizes and shapes. FlexElite’s modular design, exceptional illuminance, long run lengths, maximum node spacing, and 4 channel advanced color control, including the IntelliHue technology, distinguish it as the perfect choice for the...


Lighting the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas


Since its inauguration in 1965, Caesar’s Palace luxury hotel and casino has enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading destination resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The site is an architectural marvel, with nearly 4,000 opulent guest rooms and 166,000 ft2 (15,442 m2) of gaming space featuring lavish Roman interior...


Pushing the boundaries of architectural lighting


Architecture has taken on a highly stylized, modern design aesthetic that pushes boundaries. Not only are these structures taller than ever, they are no longer confined to a single geometric shape. Another unprecedented facet of this new breed of architecture is incorporating lighting into the design. So as architecture evolves,...