Our products

What are our products?

Philips Lumec is a leader in innovation and sustainable design when it comes to outdoor lighting. Since 1972, we have been manufacturing luminaires that are both functional and decorative, always striving to improve our products and our processes.

Our lighting fixtures were the first to respect the Dark Sky by not casting light up, where it’s not needed. We were the first to create luminaires that were both functional and beautiful. And we have always been among the pioneers in new technologies like the LEDs, not only using them but also bringing them to higher standards. We have acquired an excellent reputation because of the exceptional photometric performances and the very high grade of our luminaires.

Our current line of products includes a vast quantity of luminaires, bollards, and wall sconces of various styles – from the traditional and classical to the modern and even futuristic – that stand true to our values of unequaled quality and environmental responsibility.

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