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Jean-François Duquette Biography

Jean-François Duquette

Jean-François is an Integral Project Manager with a background in product design for R&D for the North American market. He has also worked on a major international project in Dubai. Specializing in the outdoor urban and roadway lighting segment, Jean-François has managed projects for a variety of revolutionary and unique LED lighting solutions such as RoadFocus, ClassicStyle and SleekVision among others.


Enhancing through light


This summer, I was playing on the beach in the sand with my nephew and it made me remember what I had done with my cousins when I was young. We would build castles with creeks that would go all the way to the water and with each wave they...


Social Billboards


This month ICSID, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, is discussing designs that create a positive change in our lives. Billboards have been used for many things but in Lima, Peru, they are being used for some social good.[...] ...

Conferences and Tradeshows = Innovation


Inspiration really does come from all industries. Conferences and tradeshows can be good places to network, see competitors but mostly to get inspiration. Las Vegas was host to the Consumer Electronics show (CES) a few weeks ago and Detroit started off this year’s round of car shows. The news, concepts and...