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A look back at Lyon’s Festival of Lights 2018


I always enjoy blogging about the different light festivals from around the world and I haven’t done so in a while. The Festival of Lights, “Fêtes des Lumières” in Lyon is always a grandiose event. The 19th edition took place from December 6 -9. Several talented artists from 12 different countries were...


Signify announced as the connected lighting partner to illuminate up to 15 of London’s iconic bridges by 2022


Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, has been announced as the connected lighting partner to illuminate up to 15 of London’s iconic bridges by 2022. The contract was awarded by the Illuminated River Foundation to reinvigorate the city’s famous River Thames bridges and further differentiate London as one of the world’s most attractive, leading...


Light in Space


This month’s webinar is a visionary roundtable that brings together three very fascinating professionals: an artist, a space designer and a product designer. We will have their point of view  about light in space. Is a product designer’s take on design, completely different than that of a lighting artist? Maybe not? Maybe it is...


The evolution of smart street lighting in cities


The evolution of smart street lighting in cities is creating a new playing field for suppliers. To succeed, larger and more technically complex projects need a supplier to take a leading role. Understanding the playing field is therefore critical. Navigant and other leading research organizations are continuously assessing and indexing...


NEW: Two in one luminaire for outdoor and indoor applications makes wall washing and spot lighting easy for everyone


Philips Color Kinetics ColorBurst IntelliHue Powercore OptiField brings precise color control and high-quality tunable white light in the same luminaire for outdoor/indoor wall washing and spot lighting applications. The IntelliHue technology delivers 80+ CRI and the ability to tint any CCT between 2000 K and 10000 K above and below...


Interact Hospitality Reimagining the Hotel Experience


Join us at The Hotel Experience marketplace and conference, in New York City, where the theme is “Reimagining Hospitality”. We will be demonstrating how Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) has been in the process of doing our own bit of “reimagining” about how property owners can streamline their operations while still...


Interact Pro: Wherever you work, it works


As we continue with our series of blog posts about Interact Pro, today we will talk about where Interact Pro works and how connected lighting is made easy with Interact Ready. If you’ve read the previous posts you now know that Interact Pro is easy to install, a long-term and...


Signify lights the way as Mighty Lights bookend historic Memphis riverfront


Mighty Lights, a privately-funded dynamic LED installation on Big River Crossing launched in 2016, has dramatically expanded Memphis’ downtown revitalization by adding a connected LED lighting system on the iconic Hernando de Soto Bridge.  The installation, which debuted on October 27, 2018,  features Interact Landmark, a cloud-based architectural lighting system...


Discover Signify’s carbon offsetting program


For Signify, becoming a carbon neutral company by 2020 means investing in several carbon emission reduction projects. These projects help us support communities in emerging economies to transition to a low-carbon economy. Our selected projects also drive social, economic, and environmental progress for the communities within which they operate. We have...


Connected lighting made easy with Interact Pro


As we continue with our series of blog posts about Interact Pro, today we will to talk about how Interact Pro can help you. Interact Pro delivers the power of IoT with the ease of a wireless system of lights, sensors, and switches. The intuitive Interact Pro app guides speedy...


Create a Scary-Smart Halloween with Philips Hue


4 ways to use smart lighting to have the most haunted house on the block You’ve carved pumpkins, strung cobwebs, and dangled bats. But if you want the ultimate Halloween décor, always remember the spooky lighting. With clever use of Philips Hue smart lighting, you can transform your home into...


Wire mess or wireless? Introducing Interact Pro app and portal


Looking for a simple way to connected lighting? This game-changing connected lighting system consists of Philips Interact Ready light sources wirelessly integrated with the Interact Pro app and portal. Installation doesn’t require extra cabling or IT support, so you can complete jobs quickly and without hassles. The challenge with today’s...


Vietnam’s Ancient Imperial City of Huế is now illuminated with Philips Color Kinetics technology


Illuminating an Imperial Icon Vietnam’s most important historical and cultural monument, the ‘Imperial City’ of Huế has been spectacularly illuminated with Philips Color Kinetics technology by Signify Revitalizing history The thick stone walls of Hue’s fortress offered protection to citizens of the ‘Imperial City’ for nearly a century and a...


CLUE Competition is coming back, new and improved


New frequency, new prizes, new collaborations We are excited to announce many new changes recently implemented to improve the CLUE competition and your overall experience within it! Here all the latest changes to the CLUE competition:   CLUE is becoming bi-annual Our competition is becoming bi-annual which means that we will...