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When light and architecture converge


Is it possible to create the perfect space without light? Here are two examples of how light is exquisitely used to sculpt the shape and highlight the volume of two striking museums. Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Photo Credits: © Andrés Otero For the 2016 Olympic Games in...


Top 18 blog posts for 2018


Next week, the Philips Lighting Blog will become Signify’s Light Your World Blog. Same bloggers, same type of content that comes mostly from the US and North America. For our loyal followers who have bookmarked the blog, no worries you will be automatically redirected to the new blog. We will...

FB7M8N Inside in the office of official dealer Nissan. Nissan is a Japanese multinational automaker

New Year, New High Bays


We know that high bay luminaires are used for a host of applications ranging from manufacturing and distribution facilities to school gymnasiums and retail establishments. At the same time, each of these venues require their own variety of features and performance specs all while meeting a specified budget. Introducing the...



CLUE, an international design competition which rewards excellence in lighting design, launches its annual edition under the theme of LIGHT & DISRUPTION – Exploring the role of light in emergencies. Conflict, disruption and environmental changes can leave us vulnerable, but we’re never entirely powerless. This forms the challenge of CLUE...

Lighting Pollution_930x360

Light Pollution – The Effects on Animals and Humans


Listen to the experts and learn more about the effects of light pollution on animals and humans. Attend this webinar to learn how the novel lighting technology can reduce the negative effects of artificial light on species and ecosystem at night. Live on Thursday January 17, 2019  10AM EST and 4:00 PM...

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4 Ways to Light up the Holidays


Light up special holiday moments with Philips Hue smart lighting. ’Tis the season of festive lighting. As days grow shorter, lights fill the holidays with cheer. Glowing colors of red and green draped around an evergreen tree. Candlelight flickering across a dining table topped with a family feast. The warm...


A look back at Lyon’s Festival of Lights 2018


I always enjoy blogging about the different light festivals from around the world and I haven’t done so in a while. The Festival of Lights, “Fêtes des Lumières” in Lyon is always a grandiose event. The 19th edition took place from December 6 -9. Several talented artists from 12 different countries were...


Signify announced as the connected lighting partner to illuminate up to 15 of London’s iconic bridges by 2022


Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, has been announced as the connected lighting partner to illuminate up to 15 of London’s iconic bridges by 2022. The contract was awarded by the Illuminated River Foundation to reinvigorate the city’s famous River Thames bridges and further differentiate London as one of the world’s most attractive, leading...


Light in Space


This month’s webinar is a visionary roundtable that brings together three very fascinating professionals: an artist, a space designer and a product designer. We will have their point of view  about light in space. Is a product designer’s take on design, completely different than that of a lighting artist? Maybe not? Maybe it is...


The evolution of smart street lighting in cities


The evolution of smart street lighting in cities is creating a new playing field for suppliers. To succeed, larger and more technically complex projects need a supplier to take a leading role. Understanding the playing field is therefore critical. Navigant and other leading research organizations are continuously assessing and indexing...