Quebec City, Pink City


A vibrant wave of pink has invaded beautiful Quebec City renowned for its old-world charm. In the last few years, Quebec City has been working diligently on becoming the most illuminated city in the world. In October 2015, they accomplished quite an exploit. Quebec City is lighting up pink for breast cancer awareness like no other city in the world.

For the fifth consecutive year, during the month of October, Quebec City becomes Pink City, “Québec ville en rose”. From October 1 to October 18, a record breaking 61 buildings and tourist attractions are lighting it pink.

Quebec_City-Pink_City-img01 Chateau Frontenac, photo (c) Chateau Frontenac

An interactive map of the province’s capital highlights the route to visit the numerous landmarks illuminated in “rose”. Among the sites being illuminated in pink are the famous Château Frontenac, The Congress Centre, The Concorde Hotel, the shopping centre Galeries de la Capitale, the Fountain of Tourny, the Silos of Bunge as well as the Palais Montcalm and  many more.

Quebec_City-Pink_City-img02Top left: Grand Théâtre de Québec, photos (c) Québec ville en rose

Bottom left: Fountain of Tourny, photos (c) Québec ville en rose

Right: Tour de Québec, photos (c) Québec ville en rose

Last year, this campaign raised 94,000$. The money raised annually serves to purchase leading edge technology equipment. In early 2016 a new biopsy machine and Digital Tomosynthesis System will be delivered to the Breast Cancer Centre of the Saint-Sacrement Hospital. The Digital Tomosynthesis produces 3D images and offers better detection rates with little increase in radiation.

Quebec_City-Pink_City-img03 Parliament of Quebec, photo (c) Simon Clark

Bringing awareness, raising money to find a cure and purchasing leading edge technology equipment are making a remarkable difference in the lives of thousands of families. Last year the Quebec Breast Cancer Centre had more that 40,000 visits which is 10,000 more than in 2010.

When it comes to lighting it pink Quebec City sure knows how to put on a spectacular show.

Quebec_City-Pink_City-img04Top left: La Piazetta Restaurant, photo (c) Québec ville en rose

Top right: Musée des Beaux Artsphoto (c) Québec ville en rose

Bottom: La Capitale Headquarters, photo (c) Denis Paquin


Bravo Quebec City for lighting it pink.

Bravo Québec ville en rose!

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