4 Ways to Light up the Holidays

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Light up special holiday moments with Philips Hue smart lighting.

’Tis the season of festive lighting. As days grow shorter, lights fill the holidays with cheer. Glowing colors of red and green draped around an evergreen tree. Candlelight flickering across a dining table topped with a family feast. The warm glow from behind a window that offers a welcome invitation from the cold. With a variety of bulbs, fixtures, and app settings, Philips Hue smart lighting can help you make the holidays even brighter. Here are a few ways how.

  1. Create a Chic Holiday Dinner Party

Family dinner

You know that feeling when you scan the room and everyone just looks great? Well, guess what? With the right light in the right locations — and of course, using Hue smart lighting — you can create that same ambiance at home, too. It’s all about precision: placing lights strategically to define different spaces, while not flooding them entirely.

Instead of real candle light, use Hue white and color ambiance candle smart bulbs in your chandelier to create a warm glow.

Upgrade your existing overhead lighting in the dining area with Hue smart bulbs, or install the sleek and stylish Hue Being pendant light over your table. Or, try the new Hue Enchant pendant over your kitchen landing or bar.

Then, just like you would create a music playlist to set the right mood for a party, use the Hue app to design a custom “dinner party” scene that combines the perfect color and brightness. Just choose the New Scene button on the upper left-hand corner of the Hue app.

Remember, you can also install an accessory like the Hue dimmer switch to control up-to five scenes and easily control on, off, and dim for up to two rooms to keep the warmth going throughout the evening as natural light changes.

  1. Deck Your Halls with Light

Deck the halls

A well-lit and balanced space can enhance the ambiance of your home during the holidays. Philips Hue lets you illuminate the season in creative ways with a suite of versatile lighting products.

Start with the Hue indoor lightstrip, a flexible fixture that can be placed that can be placed on your fireplace mantel to spotlight holiday displays.

Or give your Christmas tree a dramatic halo of light, by placing the Hue Signe floor light behind the tree and backlighting it to create an ethereal glow. Change the color to whatever suits your holiday mood with over 16 million colors at your fingertips

Then, use the Hue app to fill your room with a twinkling holiday experience. Just switch on the Twinkling Stars formula in Hue Labs and select the room you want to create a dramatic holiday experience.

Don’t stop there. With the lights in place, let the show begin: impress your guests by syncing your holiday music to play along with Hue Christmas, a compatible, third-party app that works as a sound and light effects board that syncs with your Hue smart lighting.

  1. An Immersive Experience

Light effects

When you are in a movie theatre, the lights are low and in either dark blue or purple so you can stay immersed in the movie, still see your popcorn and find your way to the snack bar. You can create this same experience at home with the Hue Play or Hue Signe behind your TV to splash low level blue light on the wall. You can also select red or green to set a festive mood for your holiday movies.

  1. Rock Your Holiday Spirit with Outdoor Smart Lighting

Hue Outdoor Holidays

With Hue’s range of smart outdoor lighting products, you can spread the holiday cheer to the rest of the neighborhood. For starters, add Hue outdoor to your existing exterior light fixtures, and line your entryway with Hue pathway lights or add direct spotlights. You can use the hueHue outdoor lightstrip for accenting doorways, windows frames, or entrance staircases outside of your home.

Then have fun painting the scene with different colors — whether classic green or red, or specially designed formulas from the Hue Labs Christmas Living Scenes, like Sugar Cane or Classic Christmas.

Remember that Hue outdoor lighting can be used all year round! Just adjust your light colors to whichever holiday or season you want, using the Hue app.

Now that your home is lit for the holidays, help inspire others with your unique creations. Head to the Hue Facebook page to share photos and videos on how you have incorporated Hue in your holiday entertaining and decorating.






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