A look back at Lyon’s Festival of Lights 2018


I always enjoy blogging about the different light festivals from around the world and I haven’t done so in a while. The Festival of Lights, “Fêtes des Lumières” in Lyon is always a grandiose event. The 19th edition took place from December 6 -9. Several talented artists from 12 different countries were selected to create 80 fabulous lighting installations to entertain visitors.

This celebration of light has brought international recognition to Lyon, one of the first cities to create an annual lighting festival that unveils the architectural treasures of the city through the illumination of monuments, streets, hills and river banks.

Imagine strolling through the streets of Lyon during four evenings of spectacular lighting installations, video and laser projections that inspires and energizes the crowd. It has been reported that 1.8 million visitors attended the festivities this year.

Ocubo Pigments des Lumières – Photo (c) United States of Paris

One of the most appreciated and artistic installation was the illumination of the façade of Cathédrale Saint-Jean. Colored with monumental flowers created by Studio OCUBO from Portugual, the show entitled Pigments des Lumières was hand-crafted with real pigments, by real artists with no computers. “Full of textures, shapes, and colors, this installation combined artistic performance and technical prowess.” The Final mapping projection was truly spectacular. OCUBO was honored by the Fêtes des Lumières with the Trophée Des Partenaires 2018 for this creation. See the video revealing the unique and imaginative methods OCUBO used to create their masterpiece here.

presages_2 Présages – Photo (c) L’internaute.com

Présages, one of the most magical and poetic presentations was set in Tête d’Or Park and created by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé and Géraud Périole. Golden light spheres were spread across the garden and suspended from trees which led to a projection of people dancing, walking and floating on water as if in a dream.

Reflets_-Damien-Fontaine_600 Reflets – Photo (c) Damien Fontaine

Another installation that could be admired from across the river Saône was Reflets. Jazzy graphics and impressionist fragments of the cities history were projected along the river banks. Then the famous Fourvière hill and the basilica revealed their colours and reigned over the city.

LES anooki Brice Robert PhotographeUne petite place pour de grands rêves – Phot0 (c) Brice Robert

Les ANOUKI, Une petite place pour de grands rêves, was one of the most seen installations with 800,000 visitors. They made their first appearance at this festival in 2014. Les ANOOKI, two giant  baby inuit, floating above Place Bellecour were back in Lyon this year. Their video projection on the Ferris Wheel, being shown every fifteen minutes, was very popular with families of all ages. Look how the statue of Louis XIV seems more like a toy.

Lumignons- Les Lumignons du coeur – Photo (c) Lumières de l’ombre

Candles from the heart, (Les Lumignons du coeur) at Place Sathonay featured twenty thousand tealights – or lumignons –  around the statue of Hippolyte Blandan. Five thousand lights shimmered in blue to light the surroundings. This dazzling installation showcased the charity supported by Lumignons du Cœur this year: Docteur Clown.

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) supported the Lyon Light Festival Forum and is proud to be one of the official sponsors of LLF.

Watch this video to see some highlights of the Lyon Festival of Lights 2018.

You can see more videos of this festival on the Fête des Lumières’ Facebook page.

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