Comfort and adaptability you can afford with Philips Hadco TownView LED post top


We know that when it comes to decorative outdoor lighting, aesthetics, and performance should go hand in hand, right? You want the latest technology, but you also need to consider adaptability, visual comfort, and your budget.

Introducing TownView, Philips Hadco’s solution for comfortable and adaptable decorative lighting designed to work with your current style and stay within your budget.

First, watch our quick video!

Now you can future-proof your lighting without compromising on aesthetic or price. Philips Hadco TownView LED post top is an affordable, high-quality lighting solution designed to make the transition from HID to LED as seamless as possible. It’s highly adaptable, featuring a variety of style, performance, and mounting options that will fit perfectly with the style of your town or neighborhood. We also offer glare control thanks to a variety of panels and lens choices that ensure visual comfort.


TownView at a glance:

Comfort first

Enhance livability in your neighborhood and improve satisfaction of your residents by controlling brightness with visual comfort options.

Asset management

Available with Service tag, our unique QR code system to provide easy access to product information, and also compatible with Interact City and other connected lighting solutions.


All TownView models come controls-ready out of the box, with a dimming driver and 7-pin receptacle. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your technology today, tomorrow, or in the future, your lighting will be ready.

Easily accessible

Maintenance and service are simple with TownView’s toolless latch, hinged roof, hands free access to wiring, and FAWS location.

résidentiel district close-up view

See how you can future-proof your lighting without compromising on aesthetic or price with Philips Hadco TownView LED luminaires.



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