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This month’s webinar is a visionary roundtable that brings together three very fascinating professionals: an artist, a space designer and a product designer. We will have their point of view  about light in space. Is a product designer’s take on design, completely different than that of a lighting artist? Maybe not? Maybe it is the same…

With technology innovations evolving so rapidly, designing a space is something completely different than it was 5 years ago. What is the connection between material and light and how does this relate to creating beautiful products that surround us?

Do these different perspectives share similarities or do they have totally different lives?

Can they work together?

In this round table, Vesna Petresin, Maarten Jamin and Gernot Oberfell will share their vision on Light in Space from these 3 different perspectives.

About the Presenters:


Dr. Vesna Petresin is a transdisciplinary artist and thinker. She has a practice as a time-architect, composing and performing with sound, light, rhythm, space, movement, text and code. The format of her work ranges from mixed reality, augmented live performance, immersive ambients, and audio-visual installations that build on the principle of a smart city.

Currently a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths and a Visiting Lecturer/Artist in Residency at the Netherlands Film Academy, she has lectured and published internationally (Springer, Thames & Hudson, Wiley Academy). Petresin’s practice explores embodiment, transformation and time, alongside the barriers between the intimate and the public sphere. Using her voice, movement, sound, image and light, she creates experiences that highlight body, movement, space and emotions.

The Methods and techniques for creating immersive experiences using light in spatial context will be the main theme during her presentations. Vesna will address scale and size in interiors as well as in urban settings, aesthetics and affect, inviting emotions and painting with coloured light creating illusory spatial experiences. To compose a lightscape she is using light and colour phenomenology. For the dynamics and narrative she is using rhythm, pattern and colour variations.


Before forming their Munich-Berlin based practice in 2007, Gernot Oberfell (1975) and Jan Wertel (1976) studied industrial design in Stuttgart at the State Academy of Arts and worked several years for Ross Lovegrove in London.

Their work ranges from furniture, lighting and industrial products to experimental research pieces for companies such as Braun, Gillette, OralB, Neff, Philips, Sony, Panasonic, Bulthaup and others.

Design Approach:

Gernot and Jan share a strong interest in new technologies and manufacturing processes, and at an early stage in their careers discovered the possibilities of computer aided design. Software is not just used as an everyday tool, but becomes through experimentation a source of inspiration. Their work combines these experiments with the logic and beauty of organic forms and the reality of product design: the right use of materials, production processes and ergonomics.

Gernot will be talking about the making of & the design process and the importance of design and inspiration. What are the technical considerations as well as what will be the purpose. You will get insights in the complexity in lighting design – technical, functional & emotional as well as in a view on process based design development.

Permanent collections

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
  • Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, NY
  • Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

We want to truly understand our client’s wishes and user needs by involving, challenging and really getting to know them. We discover what kind of environment they like and need to be in, to be at their best. Every building is unique and we view every new project as an opportunity to find clever and custom-made solutions. With dedication we translate these thoughts and ideas into a creative and inspiring design.

Every project has budgetary and time constraints and we carefully respect these – even if that means helping out with the final paint job! Within the budget, we develop a complete design and a few options that add to the total outcome. This way, the unavoidable setbacks can be absorbed, and still, if we all agree, some of these options can be added to enhance the final outcome to the maximum achievable.

Who is Maarten:

True to the collaborative nature of his work, Maarten has a Studio that facilitates collaboration between like-minded professionals. We are all independent professionals but work together where and when needed. This way we can deliver the services, experience and quality of a full service studio, but with the involvement and motivation of self-employed entrepreneurs.

Maarten’s 25 years of experience in interior design have allowed him to develop a critical and trained eye for quality, use and design. Initially working as an employee for designers, consultants, brands as well as interior builders, he has been fortunate enough to work with and learn from the best in the business. In his own interior design studio he combines personal style with attention for every detail and great enthusiasm.

Live on Thursday December 6, 2018   4PM CET 10AM EST Register

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