Discover the power of Interact Pro’s connected lighting system


As we continue with our series of blog posts about Interact Pro, today we will go more in depth on the features and benefits of the different system’s components and give you tools to support you while you install Interact Pro.

Interact Pro opens up a new world of multi-faceted possibilities for relighting and new construction projects. Imagine providing customer value through productivity-strengthening personalized light settings along with enhanced energy-saving measures and access to real-time data for streamlined business efficiencies. It’s now possible with Interact Pro.

Let’s go more in depth!

IAP_blog4_gateway_inside_700X500The Interact Pro gateway is the heart of the connected lighting system. It connects the system to the cloud via the Internet. It enables the Interact Ready luminaires, retrofit kits, lamps and accessories to communicate sending information to the cloud and the system to be accessed via the Interact Pro app and dashboard. The gateway features an easy commissioning process during the initial installation.

  • Link to Wifi router via Ethernet cable
  • Connect up to 200 light points, 15 switches, 15 sensors
  • Compact 3.5˝x 3.5˝ size allows for discreet installation


Here’s how the Interact Pro app can help you:

From an Electrical contractor, ESCO and facilities team’s perspective, your goal is to reduce cost to serve your customers and gain more business.

  • Improves ease of estimating labor on controls projects
  • Easy set up of light sources, switches, and sensors without need for an expensive specialist

From an Owner’s perspective, your goal is to reduce the capital spend and operational cost. You will also want to future proof your installation and improve employee productivity.

  • Lighting scene management via smartphone
  • Lighting scheduling
  • Manage groups, zones, on/off/dim and customization
  • Energy consumption feedback
  • Flexible rights for specific spaces to employees


And now here are the benefits of the Interact Pro portal and dashboard:

From an electrical contractor, ESCO and facilities team’s perspective:

  • Save time and money by reducing unnecessary trips
  • Guarantee and provide a professional service level to customers
  • Improve relationships by identifying and responding to issues like performance problems or forecasted device failures ahead of time

From an owner’s perspective

  • Desktop view of information provided in the Interact Pro app
  • Adapt lighting, adjust scene levels and set schedules
  • Manage user rights
  • Monitor energy usage and savings

Installation videos

The fast gateway, mobile app and cloud-based portal setup does not require extra cabling or system programming by a technician. Interact Pro opens the door to opportunities out of reach due to cost and complexity with its less than a minute commissioning time per light point.

Yes, it’s as easy as it looks. Watch our installation videos to learn more:


Find out how Interact Pro can transform your business. Click here

Please note that this is the forth blog post of a series of 4 about Interact Pro.

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