Interact Hospitality Reimagining the Hotel Experience


Join us at The Hotel Experience marketplace and conference, in New York City, where the theme is “Reimagining Hospitality”. We will be demonstrating how Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) has been in the process of doing our own bit of “reimagining” about how property owners can streamline their operations while still improving their guest experiences through connected lighting and software applications.

Smarter hotel management

Imagine a hotel room where hotel staff will never disturb your guests unnecessarily. A room where they don’t fiddle with a key card to switch things on – the lights come on automatically when they enter, and lights, HVAC and other systems shut down to conserve energy when they leave. A room so smart, that it remembers a guest’s preferences and knows if they’re in or not. This has all been made possible by Interact Hospitality, a controls and software analytic system designed with the Internet of Things (IoT) in mind.


Interact Hospitality also benefits hotel managers. By integrating LED lighting, sensors, HVAC and Property Management Systems, Interact Hospitality allows managers to monitor their entire property via a single dashboard.

The system’s open Application Program Interface (API) enables its connection to a variety of hotel systems, so that real-time information can be fed into everything from housekeeping to engineering systems, helping to make hotel operations more efficient.

One of the key operational benefits of Interact Hospitality is energy savings. In hot climates especially, HVAC can consume more than half of a hotel’s energy use. By using data from occupancy sensors located in guest rooms and information from Property Management systems, Interact Hospitality can automatically adjust systems – including HVAC and lighting – when rooms are unoccupied. This allows managers to reduce electricity bills while ensuring rooms match guest preferences.

The intuitive room management system also displays information on room status so that staff do not reach out to guests unnecessarily. If a room is set to ‘Do Not Disturb,’ the laundry delivery is automatically paused to respect guest wishes and save staff unnecessary trips and time. This also helps to increase staff satisfaction through more seamless processes.


Experience a first-hand demonstration of scene management, bio-adaptive lighting, energy optimization, Interact Hospitality APIs, environmental monitoring, and the user-friendly Interact Hospitality dashboard. Talk to our connected lighting experts to find out how these innovations can best benefit your property and your guest’s experiences.

Just remember…stop by booth #3160 on November 11-12, 2018 at the Javitz Center in New York City, and see what we have reimagined for you!

Watch our video about Swissotel The Stamford:








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