Interact Pro: Wherever you work, it works


As we continue with our series of blog posts about Interact Pro, today we will talk about where Interact Pro works and how connected lighting is made easy with Interact Ready.

If you’ve read the previous posts you now know that Interact Pro is easy to install, a long-term and low-risk solution, reliable and robust, and offer effortless compliance to meet stringent building codes and achieve rebates.

But now you may wonder where to use Interact Pro. Please know that wherever you work, Interact Pro works!

Interact Pro is the ideal enabling and personalized technology to simultaneously support the success of your customers and your business. This energy-saving connected lighting system is especially suitable for small- to medium-sized businesses, such as offices, schools, warehouses and retail locations.


Each gateway controls 200 light points, 15 sensors and 15 switches. Multiple gateways can be used at a customer site for multiple floors, areas, and adjoining structures. You can now guide your customers into the empowering connected lighting world while growing your business! Isn’t wonderful?

Interact Pro adds a new level of connected lighting success to your business with the broadest portfolio of luminaires, retrofit kits and lamps that are Interact Ready. Introduce customers to the power of IoT possibilities and simplify your work at the same time. It will help you take on more projects, complete them faster and create partnerships that last.

Our Interact Ready luminaires, retrofit kits, lamps, sensors and wall-switches work seamlessly with Interact Pro.


To learn more about the Philips Interact Ready lighting solutions, click here. 

Find out how Interact Pro can transform your business. Click here

Please note that this is the third blog post of a series of 4 about Interact Pro. 

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