Connected lighting made easy with Interact Pro


As we continue with our series of blog posts about Interact Pro, today we will to talk about how Interact Pro can help you.

Interact Pro delivers the power of IoT with the ease of a wireless system of lights, sensors, and switches. The intuitive Interact Pro app guides speedy set-up and opens up a new world of multifaceted possibilities for relighting and new construction projects.

But first let’s see how the connected lighting system comes together.


To learn more about the Philips Interact Ready luminaires, retrofit kits, lamps, sensors and wall-switches that work with Interact Pro, click here.

Bright benefits for all!

It’s easy to install and set-up
The fast gateway, mobile app and cloud-based portal setup does not require extra cabling or system programming by a technician. Interact Pro opens the door to opportunities out of reach due to cost and complexity with its less than a minute commissioning time per light point. Get connected in 5 simple steps!


It’s a long-term, low-risk solution
The user-friendly app and dashboard monitors the health of your lighting components and provides performance and maintenance data to optimize energy savings with potential energy savings of up to 79%* resulting in lower capital and running cost for business owners.

*Based on the case study ‘’Pelling Marketing by Design’’


It’s reliable and robust
Interact Pro is designed with a holistic approach to system security that includes secure architecture, development, deployment and lifecycle process. Distributed control and encrypted communication across devices and the cloud using latest security protocols (TLS) makes the system even more robust.


Effortless compliance
Meets stringent code and ASHRAE compliance, qualifies for DLC networked lighting controls rebate programs and Title 24 demand response and plug load control requirements to earn the highest level of Utility rebate potential. To find rebates in your area, visit this page for the latest updated list.

Find out how Interact can transform your business. Click here

To learn more about the Philips Interact Ready lighting solutions, click here.

Please note that this is the second blog post of a series of 4 about Interact Pro. Stay tuned!

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