Wire mess or wireless? Introducing Interact Pro app and portal


Looking for a simple way to connected lighting?

This game-changing connected lighting system consists of Philips Interact Ready light sources wirelessly integrated with the Interact Pro app and portal. Installation doesn’t require extra cabling or IT support, so you can complete jobs quickly and without hassles.

The challenge with today’s connected lighting adoption for small to medium sized businesses is the up-front costs of hardware, ongoing cost to serve and complex install steps with additional technical resources required. Our solution provides far more than illumination, and as lighting enters the digital world, the potential is limitless. This is where Interact Pro provides value to both you and your customers.

Interact Pro video:

Interact Pro delivers the power of IoT with the ease of a wireless system of lights, sensors, and switches. The intuitive Interact Pro app guides speedy set-up and opens up a new world of multifaceted possibilities for relighting and new construction projects.

Interact Pro benefits:

  • Easy to install and set-up
  • Long-term, low-risk solution
  • Reliable and robust
  • Effortless compliance

That’s Interact Pro!

Find out how Interact can transform your business

Please note that this is the first blog post of a series of 4 about Interact Pro. Stay tuned!


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