Bring bright, beautiful direct-view LED lighting to your structures


The newest addition to the Philips Color Kinetics Flex family brings bright, beautiful direct-view LED lighting to structures of all sizes and shapes. FlexElite’s modular design, exceptional illuminance, long run lengths, maximum node spacing, and 4 channel advanced color control, including the IntelliHue technology, distinguish it as the perfect choice for the most challenging and ambitious lighting designs.


Modularity means flexibility

We created FlexElite to meet the challenges posed by large, unconventional buildings and structures. At its core, you’ll find an innovative modular design that lets you create the exact number and configuration of nodes that you need. FlexElite’s sections and jumper cables click together quickly and easily, allowing unequalled customization that is impossible with less-modular solutions. With FlexElite, you choose the node count—and the spacing between nodes—that meets the exact specifications of each project. Longer run lengths and node spacing let you take on larger challenges than possible in the past.


High performance and four-channel options

No matter how you choose to configure FlexElite solutions, you’ll get exceptionally high-performance output of over 100 lumens per node. Brighter nodes—as much as 5x brighter than other Flex luminaires—enable you to get more reach and impact. FlexElite’s unequalled flexibility continues with native four channel options, including IntelliHue, RGBW, and RGBA.

Spread a complex arrangement of hundreds or thousands of bright nodes of tunable white light and dynamic color light along irregular surfaces. Create eye-catching effects and impressive video displays. FlexElite can do it all, with maximum performance and flexibility!


 Photo credit: Lucas Saugen

Download the FlexElite brochure

Check out the FlexElite VIDEO

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