Dreaming of faster, stable, secure internet? It’s here with LiFi!


Modern spaces are congested with tools and devices that run on radio frequencies (RF) like WiFi, BlueTooth, ZigBee etc. These RF devices overload the signal bandwidth leading to poor performance and unstable connection. With the radio spectrum already overloaded and the number of RF devices growing exponentially, the reliability of your network is expected to deteriorate further. In addition, RF devices can also penetrate through your building perimeter thereby making your network security vulnerable to external rouge elements.


Ease wireless congestion with your lighting

LiFi or light fidelity is a form of visible lighting communication (VLC) technique capable of transmitting data at high speeds over the visible light spectrum, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. It is a lighting equivalent of WiFi but utilizes an untapped lighting spectrum instead of the congested radio spectrum to facilitate wireless internet connectivity.

Why LiFi is better?

No compromise on lighting – Integrated into high quality lighting fixtures, protecting the lighting performance and quality.



  • Immune to RF interferences.
  • Can deliver 30 Mb/s bandwidth with up to 15 users.
  • Typical bandwidth required for a 1080p HD video is 4 Mb/s, which LiFi exceeds by 7 times.
  • Content only available within line-of-sight and cannot be accessed through walls and physical boundaries unlike Wi-Fi networks.


  • Since data is sent through light waves, you can only plug into the LiFi zone by standing in the pool of light created by the LED luminaire.
  • Sensors can shut off the lights when the space is vacant thereby supporting transmission of data only when and where it is needed.


  • Since lighting is required throughout a building, there are overlapping pools of light. This means that even if a user is not directly under a luminaire, the dongle can detect signal from multiple neighboring luminaires to deliver a stable data rate per user and reliable wireless communication.

Where can we use LiFi?

Alternative solution – LiFi Systems can be used in RF sensitive areas with poor or no WiFi.

Conference rooms – Have interruption free teleconferences and video-conferences.

Executive/R&D/financial department areas  – Give your executives a secure internet connection to safely transmit confidential data.

To control data access – Set rules around data access between various users and departments.


Would you like to experience Lifi in person?

An opportunity to see the LiFi System first hand in Somerset, NJ is just an email away. Email us at Enterprise@signify.com, for a personal demonstration at your convenience.

Are you a business owner that likes innovation?

Signify is currently looking for businesses who always have an eye towards the trends in technology and are interested in the latest ways to advance the environments in which they work. And for a very small investment we can bring the future of technology and lighting to you today.

Interested in more information about this extra-ordinary technology and how you can take advantage of it now? Email us at: Enterprise@signify.com


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