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Signify is excited to introduce new product families to the Light to go growing portfolio of products. The Philips Lighting-branded LED luminaires are designed to meet the specific needs of electrical contractors and over-the-counter purchasers. These LED fixtures are budget-friendly while they also reflect the high quality and availability that customers expect from the Philips Lighting brand. For a quick overview, view this video.

As of July 19th, customers can choose from two industrial high bay styles with the same high quality and quick delivery Light to go features.

LtG High BaysIlluminate without the size and accent with accuracy with Philips 3” Mini gimbal and downlight.

DownlightsFor customers with outdoor lighting requirements, check out our new Philips Vaportight LED line. The durable unit comes in 14 watts and provides up to 1390 lumens. Applications include wall and ceiling mounted exterior surface.

{64d48881-0988-45fb-bcb3-526ddbd7a1f3}_Vaportight_400x300There are also a number of additional extensions to Philips area lights, garage canopy and wall mount fixtures lines. Product information and demonstration videos can be found here.

The Light to go product portfolio is continuously expanding with several more product additions throughout 2018 and into 2019, check back frequently at


Our local sales representatives have been provided with the tools, training and product samples to ensure a smooth shopping and order/delivery experience. So whatever your project size or application, make your next professional lighting purchase a Light to go success with the Philips Lighting brand.

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