Make the switch to the future of lamps with Philips MainsFit T8 LED lamps


Retrofit projects are not always easy to justify because of the hard questions that must first be answered. These include: “Is there a long, or tedious installation, does it provide enough energy savings, or can the manufacturer be trusted for the quality of the product?” The newly launched Philips MainsFit (UL Type B) T8 LED lamp was designed as the perfect solution to facilitate the move from fluorescent to energy saving LEDs. It even eliminates the ballast which removes the need for any future ballast replacement.


Easy install

Replace either T8 or T12 lamps in fixtures containing shunted or non-shunted G13 (medium bi-pin) lamp holders. This new lamp uses a double-ended design which significantly simplifies installation – saving time. Watch this video to see how easy the installation process can be.

Energy savings

Everyone says that they provide energy savings, but just how much? The MainsFit T8 LED lamp is verified for over 40% energy savings, as compared to a F32T8 electronic instant start system.

Peace of mind

Philips is a company with more than 125 years of innovation and reliability in the lighting industry. When it comes to the MainsFit, longevity comes to mind. The average life rating of 50,000 hours means lower maintenance costs and satisfied building occupants for quite some time (tested to B50 L70 requirements). It also carries all of the industry recognized classifications and ratings to give you, and your customers the quality assurance that you both demand. Listings/Ratings: cULUS Classified, DLC Certified, RoHS Compliant, and NSF Rated.


The Philips MainsFit (UL Type B) T8 LED lamp was designed for most of your commercial and light industrial projects, so go to, and find out how you can make the switch. On this site you can view a short installation video, download the product bulletin, and view specific lamp information.

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