Two Green Bay bridges get a major LED lighting upgrade


Multi-colored dynamic LED lighting now illuminates two bridges in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. Recently, the Walnut Street Bridge and the Ray Nitschke Street Bridge both received a major lighting overhaul.

The new Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system offers 100 different lighting themes. For the lighting ceremony on June 20th, the public gathering at the City Deck got to see seven different colored lighting themes, such as Packers-themed colors, a rainbow, holiday-themed colors, and specific colors for special events and causes, like pink for breast cancer awareness and blue for autism awareness.


A total of 387 Philips Color Kinetic RGB high-performance LED fixtures were used to light the two dowtown bridges. The Ray Nitschke Street Bridge, also called the Main Street Bridge, received 212 fixtures and 175 fixtures were installed on the Walnut Street Bridge. To create the saturated colors and color-changing effects, a combination of high-performance ColorBlast 12 LED fixtures, ColorReach Powercore gen2ColorGraze Intellihue Powercore, and ArchiPoint iColor Powercore were chosen for these projects.


It is estimated that the new Philips Color Kinetics lighting system will consume about 25% less then what the old lighting system did. “So our city will be able to run this system seven days a week for less money than what the old lighting system was able to run, just two days a week”, said Steve Grenier, Public Works Director, for the city of Green Bay.

Creating inspiring visual experiences, improving the city’s ambience and instilling pride in Green Bay residents are all par for the course with this new LED upgrade.

Interviewed in Boston during USCM 2018 in early June, Jim Schmitt, Mayor of Green Bay, had this to say about the new LED lighting installations the city of Green Bay was about to debut.

VIDEO Interview: 


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