The innovative ceiling just got better with Philips OneSpace Prefab next generation


Philips OneSpace Prefab next generation, more affordable and more of what you need for your most innovative lighting applications.

If you are looking to make a design statement the Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab panels will transform any interior with homogeneous, dimmable light that eliminates shadows and improves acoustics.

Philips OneSpace prefab emits a glow that feels like natural daylight, creating a serene and calm space. Designed to be discreet, each unit is thin and compact to blend seamlessly with your interior design. By integrating LED lights with textile to create a white light ceiling surface, the prefab panels hide the light source completely while absorbing noise.

Philips_OneSpace_Prefab_application 2

More Affordable

Philips OneSpace prefab next generation is now well within your reach for even some of your smaller budgets. How did we make it affordable? We based our offering on the sizes and configurations that have been the most requested in the past. But, we haven’t done anything to lessen the quality.

Now you will find it is…

More Efficient with light output that is 25% higher than our previous offering.

Easier to Maintain because you can now access the luminaire from below, and any repairs to the fabric can be made in the field.

Easier to Order Standardized configurations can range from 3-6 feet in width and 4-10 feet in length (in whole feet increments). Because of this there are a set number of 12NC SKU codes that cover each configuration; which takes the confusion out of ordering.

Multiple Finishes trims are available in three standard colors of white, black, and silver, but other colors are available are upon request.

Better Precision available in Tunable White for precise white light output and 0-10V dimming to fine tune the homogenous, serene lighting in the 3000K or 4000K panels.

More Affordable because we have redesigned the solution to be more cost effective.


Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling

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