Enhance your city with the help of Philips CityTouch connector lamps


The offerings available for urban decorative luminaire LED retrofits combined with connected lighting are extremely limited today. There are many retrofit lamp alternatives available but typically the connectivity modules require customization during installation, additional wiring or other labor-intensive steps. Furthermore, you must source the LED retrofit elements separately from the connected lighting capability. There were currently no offerings available that combined the two in a simple way. Until NOW!


With the new Philips CityTouch connector lamp, you can quickly and easily retrofit your existing decorative streetlights with a connected LED solution. You can take advantage of the operational efficiencies and energy savings CityTouch offers, but the benefits don’t stop there. Connected street lighting with CityTouch is an integral part of creating a smart, sustainable city.


Let’s take a step back for a second. What is CityTouch? It’s a revolutionary connected street lighting management platform that will help you take the next step with your city lighting. Remote, data-rich monitoring and management lets you improve the quality of city life with the best possible illumination experiences and extraordinary value beyond illumination.

Being connected changes everything. CityTouch connector lamp makes it easier than ever. You can upgrade your city’s historical and decorative luminaires with this unique integrated connected LED solution. The Philips TrueForce LED high lumen post top lamp is available at 5000 lumens and in three color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. An integrated NEMA socket accepts a CityTouch connector node, to enable remote management and monitoring of lighting assets.

philips-citytouch-connector-lamp-benefits-thumbnailsCityTouch connector lamp’s key advantages at a glance:

  • Easy, optimized end-to-end solution
    Provides a simple LED retrofit solution that reduces inventory as it is compatible with most luminaires
  • Ensure up-time
    Maximizes up-time via CityTouch monitoring in sensitive and high-value parts of the city
  • Keep historic fixtures
    Provides a direct LED replacement solution for HID lamps, plus it enables connectivity, with no need to replace fixtures
  • Great payback
    Generates operational and energy savings with excellent payback

With simple installation and no field commissioning, and no need for additional wiring or customization, the CityTouch connector lamp seamlessly combines LED retrofit elements with connected lighting capabilities. Your city can enjoy the benefits of connected street lighting quickly and with minimal disruption.

Are you ready to unlock your city’s potential with CityTouch?

Learn more here!

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