Introducing the next generation Philips Gardco PureForm LED site and area luminaires


Have you ever struggled to find a complete site and area lighting package with a cohesive design aesthetic? Chances are that you were spending a lot of time looking for a different luminaire for each application from different manufacturers.


We are very excited to introduce the next generation Philips Gardco PureForm LED site and area luminaires, a cohesive stylish family that can illuminate an entire site. With ­five luminaire types, family continuity, both comfort and precision light engines, and multiple control options, PureForm provides a full range of possibilities. Your luminaire selection is simplified, saving time and hassle.

The PureForm family consists of medium and large area luminaires, a wall sconce, bollard, and post top. These luminaires were designed to complement each other, yet each product fulfills its own unique purpose in style. This ensures that the luminaires bring cohesiveness to your project, while also enhancing your creative vision.

Watch our video to see PureForm in action

Concerned about glare? PureForm post top, wall sconce, and medium area feature innovative, low glare comfort optics ideal for pedestrian areas. Comfort optics utilize edge lit technology, which creates uniform, indirect illumination to increase visual comfort without exposing viewers to harsh glare.


PureForm family benefits at a glance:

  • Sleek, low profile designs blend with architecture.
  • Multiple product types accommodate different application areas throughout a building exterior, while maintaining a unified aesthetic.
  • Comfort optics are available in the post top, wall sconce, and medium area, designed to enhance visual comfort by reducing glare ideal for pedestrian areas.
  • Medium area and wall sconce feature both comfort optics and precision optics, making them suitable for a range of mounting heights and lumen outputs.
  • Seamless integration with the latest controls solutions across the entire family makes management easy, further enhancing value.

If you want to simplify your luminaire selection and add continuity to your site without sacrificing your creative vision, then the next generation of Philips Gardco PureForm LED site and area luminaires is your ultimate solution!

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Here are more application photos of PureForm:









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