Bring the Times Square Ball Experience Home with the Hue Fireworks app


All New Year’s revelers are invited to turn on their imaginations with Philips Lighting and make this season’s celebration an extraordinary experience. From the iconic Times Square Ball, where Philips has been the trusted lighting partner for 18 years, to living rooms all over the globe, where Philips Hue will transform and illuminate gatherings with 16 million vibrant colors, those ringing in the new year will be surrounded by light that inspires.

Philips Hue users can experience the Times Square Ball festivities live at home through an immersive blast of color by syncing their Philips Hue lights to the Ball as it drops. With a new feature in the Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue app, developed by iMakeStuff, Philips Hue lights will follow the changing Philips LED bulbs used in the Ball as 2017 becomes 2018. Simply select the Times Square Ball feature in the Hue Fireworks app, available in both the Apple and Android stores for $1.99, and join the final two minute countdown to experience the same dynamic, color-changing fun that illuminates Times Square.


With Philips Hue, the leading connected lighting system for the home, turn on your imagination to make 2018 New Year’s celebrations an extraordinary experience. Sync to favorite music and turn any room into a dance floor, transform the home and illuminate any space with over 16 million colors or access more than 450 third-party apps that can bring celebrations to the next level.


The modern lighting technology that Philips provides in the Times Square Ball is similar to the technology that makes Philips LED lighting in consumer homes possible. The Times Square Ball is illuminated with 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs, grouped in 672 modules of 48 bulbs each. Each module contains 12 red, 12 blue, 12 green and 12 white LED bulbs that can create a palette of more than 16 million colors and billions of patterns.


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