Philips Xitanium SR Drivers . . . . Proliferating Into Industrial High Bay


We aim to drive connected light into the mainstream. That means at some point we believe most new light fixtures will have some type of sensing or control.  As the applications and benefits continue to emerge, we are expanding our portfolio of SR drivers to cover all major applications.  SR drivers for commercial office applications were launched a couple years ago, streetlighting earlier this year, and now we introduce a 95W (class 2) SR driver specifically for industrial high bay applications.


This model follows the same high level of performance as existing drivers for high bay including great thermal performance, wide operating temperature range, high surge protection, etc.  Now we add the functionality needed for connected light:

  1. Standard SR digital interface between driver and network lighting control (node).
  2. Low voltage power for the node.
  3. Power reporting.
  4. Logic signal input for off-the-shelf motion sensors.
  5. SimpleSet for OEM programming.
  6. Form factor and performance features common to existing Xitanium LED drivers.

SR drivers bundle functionality appropriately into the driver to eliminate the need for auxiliary components.  It makes fixtures for connected light simpler and more practical……a critical element to drive connected light to mainstream.

 Enabling Choices for OEM Fixture Manufacturers: SR Certified

By providing an open platform for product development, nodes from multiple companies can be developed to work on SR drivers.  The SR certified program was created to provide a robust technical program to ensure compatibility, and also to make visible what choices are available.   This enables OEM fixture manufacturers to quickly integrate the driver and sensors into their fixtures and have confidence in compatibility.  With SR as the standard for drivers used in connected lighting, more choices are available on the market for satisfying the wide range of end user needs.



  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Cold storage
  • Street and roadway
  • Parking lot and garage

Stay tuned.  Proliferation continues so more to come shortly.


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