Make the Switch to LED: Take the national light bulb challenge to celebrate ENERGY EFFICIENCY DAY


The second annual national Energy Efficiency Day (EE Day) will take place on October 5, 2017. Philips Lighting is joining other regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities, working to promote energy efficiency – the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution.

This year, EE Day is organizing a national light bulb challenge to encourage engagement by residents and businesses alike.


LEDs are a great example of how innovation technology can make your life easier. They last at least 25 times longer and consume 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Read more on the benefits of LEDs:

Here is a tip: By switching just five of your home’s most frequently used bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified LEDs, it’s possible to save 9% on energy costs annually.

Did you know that LED adoption in the US increased from 13 million to 78 million in just two years.

With the Philips Lighting LED lamps savings calculator you can find out how much money you can save by swapping to LED. It will also help you find the right LED replacement bulb. In just 3 easy steps you will determine your savings.

Watch VIDEO: Philips LED savings calculator

Last year Philips Lighting made a commitment to sell more than two billion1 energy efficient LED light bulbs globally by 2020.

Philips Lighting estimates that by providing more than two billion LED light bulbs by 2020, the total amount of energy saved would be equivalent to the power supplied by 60 medium-sized coal-fired power stations, with emissions equivalent to those from 24 million cars.

It is well on track to hit this target as by the end of 2016 the company had already reached sales of 628 million LED light bulbs.

“It’s gratifying to produce LED light bulbs and connected lighting systems that reduce energy consumption by up to 80% compared to conventional lighting. But we must be accountable for our own footprint too – that’s why we’re committed to being carbon neutral by the end of the decade. To do this we’ve had to re-examine everything we do: our operations, processes and supply chain. I’m pleased to report we’re well on the way to achieving this goal and last year increased our use of renewables globally to 60% 2,” Bill Bien, CMO and Head of Strategy


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Philips LED lamps with warm glow effect

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1 The more than two billion LED bulbs pledge by Philips Lighting is calculated from 2015-2020 (inclusive).

2 This figure relates to the period 2007-2015







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