Philips Lighting to deliver ‘fans-first’ lighting for unrivalled spectator experience at new multi-purpose Perth Stadium in Australia


Australia’s newest sporting venue, Perth Stadium will feature Philips Lighting’s largest LED stadium lighting system. The stadium plans to use LED lighting to support its mission to become the premier, multi-purpose venue in the southern hemisphere.

As part of the West Australian Government’s ‘fans-first’ approach for the stadium, it demonstrates the lighting design capabilities which Philips Lighting can bring to a project of this scale. The holistic LED stadium lighting system includes more than 15,000 controllable LED light fittings which are managed through a control platform. It has the flexibility to create a completely immersive lighting experience for the venue with a capacity of 60,000, making it ideal for a variety of events.


The lighting has the flexibility to create a multi-purpose arena for fans to watch anything from their home football and cricket teams to world-famous rock concerts. Music and lighting can be merged together in advance by the lighting operator for seamless implementation, creating visually stunning pre-match light shows. In addition, the LED floodlights meet the requirements for HDTV broadcasting standards for sports lighting.

Chris Palandri Regional Director for Multiplex, the stadium builder, said, “LED stadium lighting is an integral part of the plan to make Perth Stadium the premier multi-purpose venue in, not only Western Australia, but also the entire southern hemisphere. The lighting will be crucial to delivering an amazing fan experience whether it’s for Australian Rules Football, cricket, a rock concert, or for a completely different type of event. The stadium will represent a beacon for the entire community.”


The venue showcases the Philips ArenaExperience capability. The centerpiece is the Philips ArenaVision LED pitch lighting system comprising LED floodlights and a control panel. This system can be synchronized with external lighting consoles for other types of lightshows and events.  The stadium façade and roof canopy will be lit by Philips’ Color Kinetics architectural LED lighting with connected LED light points that can be easily controlled.

The roof canopy acts as a giant canvas upon which spectacular light shows can be created with patterns and imagery via the connected light points. Philips Lighting also provided LED lighting for offices and hospitality areas inside the stadium.


David Gardner, general manager, Philips Lighting ANZ said, “On completion, this project will be Philips Lighting`s largest complete LED stadium implementation in the world, and the largest LED multi-purpose stadium lighting implementation of its type in the world. The scale of the project really demonstrates how seriously Australians take their sport and events. We at Philips Lighting are proud to install this world-class LED stadium lighting system together with Multiplex, the stadium builder, for the enjoyment of fans.”

The Stadium will be used for Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Rugby Union and Rugby League, Soccer and entertainment events. It is scheduled to open in time for the start of the 2018 Australian Rules Football season. The facility will be serviced by a train and bus station, as well as a pedestrian bridge connection across the Swan River to the city centre.








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