Philips Color Kinetics IntelliWhite Flex Compact, a natural fit where image is everything and flexibility is a must


Often times lighting does more than illuminate a façade or a pathway. It can also take on the role of promoter and enforcer of a brand. It can transform an ordinary outdoor space into an iconic spot for a city that needs revitalizing, and increase the numbers of visitors. Philips Color Kinetics is already known for lighting some of the world’s most iconic structures, facades, and bridges so it is natural that they would have a powerful product like the IntelliWhite Flex Compact which was designed for those specific applications.

The advantage with IntelliWhite Flex Compact is greater customization that allows for true flexibility, tunability, control, and compatibility. Take advantage of the flexible form of IntelliWhite Flex Compact and mount it to geometric surfaces like string lights. The flexible strands of large, high-intensity LEDs allow for extraordinary effects on expansive, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional installations that were not possible before. When needed, use mounting tracks to ensure those precise, straight linear runs on flat surfaces.

PCK_iW_Flex_Compact-img02 iW Flex Compact 4in ClearFlatLens White

Further fine tune your designs with tunable white technology to control the color temperature from warmer to cooler as the application demands or your personal taste. High light output allows for that “iconic” long-distance viewing that you desire to make your site memorable. Standard and custom lengths for node spacing will even provide stunning building covering video displays to splash your message out to the world.


Top left: iW Flex Compact 4in ClearFlatLens Black                                                                                          

Center: iW Flex Compact4in NarrowLens Black                                                                                                        

Top right: iW Flex Compact 4in Translucent Dome Black

Multiple lens options in clear flat, translucent dome, and narrow beam lenses are standard. But, optional marquee lenses are available in clear, semi-frosted, and translucent that snap onto flat lens nodes for a Broadway theatrical look as well. Fifty individually addressable nodes per strand is impressive and with IntelliWhite Flex Compact, controller compatibility need not be a concern. This “adjective” IntelliWhite works seamlessly with the Philips Color Kinetics full range of controllers, including Light System Manager, Video System Manager Pro, iPlayer 3, Antumbra iColor Keypad, and ColorDial Pro, and many third-party controllers (consult factory for competitive controller compatibility).

Please contact me directly for any questions. or 781-418-9329.




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