Philips Xitanium SR Drivers Now Available for Outdoor Applications


We announced at Lightfair 2016 that SR drivers for outdoor applications were under development and would be available by year end. It indeed happened, marking the next step towards making connectivity for all lighting applications a practical reality. Outdoor SR drivers are specifically tailored for use in city management systems with higher node power, tight metering accuracy requirements, and additional functional needs such as diagnostics and asset management tools. 150W models are now available at 700ma and 1050ma drive currents. These drivers are also fully suitable for other outdoor connected lighting applications such as site and area lighting where quite a bit of innovation is starting to occur.

Enabling Choices for OEM Fixture Manufacturers: SR Certified

By providing an open platform for product development, nodes from multiple companies can be developed to work on SR drivers. The SR certified program was created to provide a robust technical program to ensure compatibility, and also to make visible what choices are available. This enables OEM fixture manufacturers to quickly integrate the driver and sensors into their fixtures and have confidence in compatibility. With SR as the standard for drivers used in connected lighting, more choices are available on the market for satisfying the wide range of end user needs.


Outdoor SR brings the following:

  1. Standard SR digital interface between driver and node.
  2. Low voltage power for the sensor, including an auxiliary 24vdc power supply to support higher power nodes (3W) used in city management systems.
  3. Power reporting accuracy of 2% meeting proposed ANSI standard C136.52.
  4. Logic signal input for off-the-shelf motion sensors.
  5. SimpleSet for OEM programming (including DALI scene values and short address)
  6. Common form factor and performance features as existing Xitanium LED drivers.
  7. Added functionality available through SR-certified devices:
    1. Diagnostics and asset management tools.
    2. “Last gasp” energy to enable a final message from the node in the event of power outage.



  • Street and roadway
  • Parking lot and garage
  • Decorative poles
  • High bay

Stay tuned for more developments, as we are actively working to proliferate SR to other applications and wattages.

Xitanium SR drivers for outdoor applications

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