A New Level of Performance from EasySense SNS200 with Advanced Grouping… now DLC Qualified


A great new addition to the EasySense family – SNS200 – hit the market recently. It has all the great features of SNS102 and some additional cool things: Occupancy sharing, scene setting, and DLC qualification.

Occupancy Sharing

What does this mean? Soon this will be a common term but it basically means that the sensors in a defined group talk to each other so they know if motion is detected anywhere in that group. You can then program all the fixtures in the group to react accordingly if anyone of them sees an occupant. As an example, if you have an open office area with 24 lights, you might want all the lights to come to full task level if any one of them sees movement. Or you may want the peripheral fixtures (those that did not see occupancy) to only come up to some lower background level rather than full task level. The idea is to still increase energy savings while increasing the aesthetics of the environment with uniform lighting (no checker-boarding or cave effect).


Scene Setting

This one is pretty easy to understand with a simple example of a conference room. Maybe you want to have a specific pre-set on the wireless switch to go to “presentation mode”………lights near a screen go to a very low level and those further away go to a mid-level. You probably get the picture.  For scene setting, you use 4-button switches instead of 2-button, where the extra two buttons allow you to set two scenes.

DLC Qualification

Yes, EasySense SNS200 is now on the DLC Qualified Products List (QPL) for Networked Lighting Controls (NLC). Check it out here. Although SNS200 does not talk to the cloud and all that fancy stuff, it is a small network sharing occupancy information, which is a basic requirement to meet DLC. No complicated gateways or computers required. It doesn’t get any simpler than EasySense.

Easy-Sense Fixture Mount Sensor


Intuitive app for setting parameters and grouping


EasySense SNS200 is targeted for linear office applications and is now available. For a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of EasySense, go to www.philips.com/EasySense. You’ll find various application documents and a list of applicable phones for the Philips field apps.

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