Philips Calculite LED: Experience the change, see the difference


Downlights are a versatile tool used to enhance spaces and create visual appeal. As an ambient light source, recessed downlights create a comfortable, soothing illumination throughout the space without distraction. At the same time, downlights can boldly or subtly accentuate architectural or design elements to create rich dimensions and visual interest. No matter how downlights are incorporated into your lighting design, trust market-leading Philips Lightolier Calculite LED generation 3 downlights to maximize the impact of your lighting design.


“Lighting is fundamental to the way people experience and interact within an indoor space. Beyond illumination, the right light can directly influence whether an experience is positive, productive or pleasing,” said April Ruedaflores, Product Marketing Manager, Philips Lighting. “Our new third generation downlight provides designers, architects and specifiers the flexibility to be creative in an architectural space without having to compromise quality or performance.”

Calculite LED generation 3 specification-grade downlighting delivers exceptional visual comfort and optical control, extraordinary mechanical precision, installation efficiency and future proofing.

Known for its best-in-class quality, engineering and performance, Philips Lightolier Calculite LED was designed with a three-part system that emphasizes flexibility and compatibility in order to simplify installation and extend longevity while dramatically enhancing the lighting impact in an indoor space. This thoughtful approach typifies the rich legacy of the Philips Lightolier brand and serves as a strategic blueprint for future product development.


In order to save time on installation, the three part system includes a frame which is independent from the rest of the luminaire, providing a universal frame install which can be installed in less than 90 seconds. The robust driver and light engine are paired together, and easily inserts into the frame without the use of tools. The lights can be upgraded at any time, or replaced to meet new space requirements, with no need to replace the frame. A mounted spring secures the reflector to the rest of the luminaire system.

The modular design is available in both round and square shapes, wide range of lumen packages and trim finishes, and dimming and connectivity options allowing specifiers to customize and personalize the design of the light according to the needs and desired aesthetic of their particular space.

Philips Lightolier Calculite LED

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