How Philips color-changing technology highlights the contemporary architecture of One Angel Square


The dynamic atrium roof at One Angel Square in Manchester UK uses Philips Color Kinetic’s color-changing technology to highlight its contemporary architecture.

Customer challenge

The Co-operative Group building’s owners wanted to compliment the building’s contemporary architectural design with sustainable illumination in order to reduce its environmental footprint.

The right lighting 

Lighting design firm Buro Happold worked with Architainment, a Value Added Partner, to transform the structure with an LED solution for dynamic interior and exterior lighting.


Buro Happold chose ColorGraze QLX Powercore, ColorBlast Powercore, and custom white ColorBlast fixtures to enhance the overall building design with both white and colored light. Daylight sensors operate in conjunction with natural light, triggering the fixtures to only emit as much light as necessary, increasing energy savings and sustainability.


The creative combination of sustainability and modernization establishes One Angel Square as a benchmark for future commercial office design.


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