EasySense: Single, compact cost-effective fixture control with basic grouping


When we first launched EasySense we proclaimed that not all control applications need to be “connected.” It is true. And now we add further functionality to EasySense that makes sense (no pun intended). Some cool new features have now been added to EasySense, introduced in model SNS102 which replaces the former SNS100.

EasySense SNS102 for basic grouping

EasySense targets basic per-fixture control for energy-saving and code-compliance strategies. The essential functionality for these applications—occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting—are bundled into a single, compact, cost-effective solution to make per-fixture control practical. Having controls arrive at the jobsite pre-assembled speeds installation time and reduces installation errors. Philips Field Apps facilitate wireless adjustment of any sensor parameters to meet the specific needs of the installation.  And, the app can be used for field task tuning to set the maximum light levels at the site. The net result gives you a solution that is economical, reliable, and easy for OEMs to design-in.


A couple key functions are introduced with SNS102. First, sensors/fixtures can now be grouped to a wireless switch. In addition to providing basic user control for on/off and dim-up/dim-down, it is now easy to satisfy use cases for auto-off/manual-on and auto-off/manual-on (sometimes called a vacancy sensor). Meeting those particular code requirements in the past has not been so easy. Second, in addition to the EasySense NFC app, we have added the EasySense IR app. SNS102 can now be programmed via Philips Field Apps with applicable Android phones that have an IR blaster. So your phone is like a TV remote but much easier to use. This also makes grouping switches and sensors from floor level very simple.

Easy-Sense fixture mount sensor           


Optional intuitive app for setting parameters


EasySense brings the following:

  1. Occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and field task tuning in one device.
  2. Single, compact device makes fixture mounting practical.
  3. Simple two-wire connection to Xitanium SR drivers.
  4. Philips Field Apps for changing sensor parameters, if desired, and grouping fixtures to a wireless switch from floor level.
  5. Easily satisfy use cases for auto-off/manual-on and auto-off/partial-on

EasySense SNS102 is targeted for linear office applications and is now available. For a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of EasySense, go to www.philips.com/EasySense.  You’ll find various application documents and a list of applicable phones for the app.

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