Philips Lighting presents its Connected lighting solution at CiscoLive 2016


For the first time officially Philips Lighting presented its Connected lighting solution as part of the Cisco Digital Ceiling at CiscoLive 2016 in North America. Las Vegas was the host and an unusual venue to be talking about building efficiency as air conditioning units blast out cold air all day long even with the doors of casinos wide open.


Philips Lighting as the world’s largest lighting company was the first company to join in the Cisco Digital Ceiling alliance, and now with more lighting companies, sensor companies, infrastructure and middleware companies we are now part of an alliance that proves PoE lighting is a true consideration for an office implementation, especially with the IT powerhouse of Cisco to bring it all together.

This was certainly one of the broadest implementation of POE devices in a ceiling globally.


On display we had Envision Manager web showing live occupancy & energy reporting across the stand where there were Philips luminaires, the Personal Control App to demonstrate the ability to be located to then take control of the space using VLC or the award-winning Antumbra UI for those who prefer the wall mounted approach to control


CiscoLive is not necessarily Philips Lighting’s most natural habitat, but is a sign of where office lighting systems will also move in the future. Benefits around quality of light, diverse range of luminaires remain differentiating features for Philips but more and more the focus is on total building efficiency and personal productivity, as opposed to simple energy saving calculations for an LED lighting system. So with this, the stakeholders involved also change and so therefore does our approach.

No longer is an advanced office lighting system just an install and forget approach and the customer reaps the benefits for as long as it is installed. Connected lighting is about reaping the rewards of large expenditure in an office in a drive to net zero building. Building efficiency and personal productivity savings are worth 10% & 100% more in dollar value per square foot typically than savings made in energy, so the rewards are greater but it does require action from customers too.


A lighting system that requires actions to get substantial savings will not be what all of our potential customers want and that is why we have a great range of lighting systems for office. For those progressive customers or early adopters that are prepared to explore their way of working, less desks per employee than 1:1, hot desking, meeting room optimization etc. that the Philips connected lighting can easily enable; the rewards can be substantial, and in partnership with those in the Cisco Digital Ceiling we want to demonstrate that value so that it is no longer limited to just the early adopters in North America and globally.






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