Re-think the ceiling


In pursuit of uncluttered vision, Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab introduces the feeling of natural daylight indoors. It starts with a dream, built on technology and can now transform any interior into a serene, calming space with beautiful homogeneous light that feels as good as it looks.

No light source is visible once the simple installation of OneSpace is complete… and the mounting design still allows you easy access to the building infrastructure above. It comes standard impressively thin and compact with excellent light uniformity. OneSpace prefab doesn’t just look beautiful and give you all the light you need, it has the added benefit of improving the acoustics in your space.


This state-of-the-art luminaire provides you with the confidence of meeting the highest fire safety requirements blended with a stunning aesthetic that will integrate seamlessly into your modern design.
Lighting and interior designers are always looking for lighting solutions in minimalistic spaces and for acoustic solutions in busy spaces. OneSpace prefab offers a two-in-one solution.


Philips OneSpace prefab is a stunning, minimalist luminous ceiling product that eliminates shadows and creates a brilliant, yet glare-free space. The mounting system has a safety factor of over five times higher than the weight of the panel, so is perfect for public spaces. The daylight experience created by OneSpace prefab provides amazing functional light to work, shop, dine, read… the list goes on and on.


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