FlexScape LED line-voltage: Your ultimate landscape lighting chameleon


As an Electrical Distributor you may wonder how to quickly satisfy customers with a wide range of needs without overstocking? You are looking for a multi-tasker luminaire, fitting a wide variety of needs making it easy to sell but with less shelf space, right?

And as a Landscape Architect you may wonder how to get maximum performance from a landscape luminaire with minimal visual disturbance, see the light and not the luminaire, while having flexibility in the field?

As an industry, we know that landscape lighting is meant to draw attention to interesting outdoor elements, not the luminaires themselves. We can help you to achieve this goal with convenient, multi-tasking Philips Hadco FlexScape LED accent and inground line-voltage landscape luminaires. FlexScape delivers powerful luminaire performance in a small form factor that integrates seamlessly throughout your commercial landscape projects.


Any time is a good time to change! With the unique convenience of field adjustable beam patterns and lumen outputs, you can easily adapt the lighting at any time, and for any reason. Whether change is seasonal, based on special events, meant to highlight new landscape elements, or just to freshen the perspective in a space, it’s all simply possible with multitasking FlexScape LED luminaires.


With a wide 1000-3500 lumen range, dimming and long life, this multi-tasking luminaire family packs a powerful punch in a compact form factor suitable for various commercial landscape applications. The luminaires feature a voltage range of 120-277V, and also easily integrate with other 0-10V dimming systems as well as the entire Philips professional landscape lighting portfolio. Additionally, a vandal resistant switch, IP66 rating for the accent luminaire (B9) and IP67 rating for the inground luminaire (SL43), ETL listing and a five-year warranty all provide peace of mind that your landscape lighting project is created with the highest possible quality.


Product information
Please visit the Philips web site for more information and downloads.

FlexScape LED accent line voltage landscape luminaire (B9)

FlexScape LED inground line voltage landscape luminaire (SL43)

Looking for a low-voltage landscape solution?

And if it happens that you are looking for a landscape lighting solution for residential and light commercial applications, Philips Hadco FlexScape LED low-voltage inground and accent landscape luminaires provide countless lighting outcomes to choose from.




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