What’s next in office lighting?


Where we work and how we work is undergoing a complete change. From task oriented fixed desks in cubicles, to a growing trend towards activity based planning, hoteling and hot desking … office spaces are being designed based on activities that encourages flexibility and collaboration. Along with changes in furniture layout and usage, the buildings themselves are evolving. The next generation office buildings are smart, green, connected and designed to promote employee health and well-being.

Lighting being ubiquitous in any office building, plays a critical role in supporting this trend. LEDs continue to save significant energy over fluorescents. Further savings is realized through dimming, sensors, rules based scheduling and controls. Philips Connected lighting in addition creates a two-way communication between the lighting system and illuminated environment, thus enabling the building to inform users and owners of its status and historical performance.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) based connected lighting makes integration of data, monitoring, and management of the lighting system fast and easy – delivering light beyond illumination. With PoE, not only power and data can be delivered for the luminaire over a standard Ethernet cable but it also allows the lighting system to be merged with the IT system. Like a computer, each luminaire has a unique IP address and can be individually monitored and managed.

Some of the unique benefits of connected PoE system to the building owners and user of the space are:

  • Low cost, low voltage, easy installation. No need to run line voltage wiring to the luminaires.
  • High bandwidth data transmission.
  • Each luminaire can be identified, managed and controlled from various IT platforms.
  • Deep energy savings of up to 80% realized through occupancy, daylight and temperature sensors.
  • Real-time data provides actionable insights to improve enterprise operational efficiency
  • Personal controls via users’ smartphones allowing employees to control the space to their liking
  • Way Finding Location based services such as indoor navigation via visible light communication


Philips lighting offers a complete portfolio of PoE enabled troffers (EvoGrid, ClearAppeal, DuaLED, VersaForm), suspended (BoldPlay, Chopstick), linear recessed (TruGroove) and downlight (Calculite) to illuminate an office building from open space and conference rooms to corridors and private offices.

Philips Connected lighting plays a critical role in enabling modern office building owners to meet their objectives, be it energy savings, sustainability, optimization, future proofing or building performance. From new construction to retrofits, connected lighting enables office buildings to be more adaptive and responsive thanks to technology.




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