Addressing the challenges of parking garage lighting


Maintaining light levels in a parking garage at all times often results in high lighting costs for owners. In most cases, parking garages are lit with traditional HID or linear fluorescent sources, which are costly to maintain, and may not provide adequate illumination.

In addition, HID luminaires can be very inefficient: much of the light is wasted directly underneath the luminaire, which results in poor uniformity and less light being distributed to the target area. They also use significantly more energy than LED, and offer less control flexibility. As a result, some garages choose to turn lights off to save money, which compromises a sense of security in the space.

LED technology is much more efficient than HID, and offers more control options for additional energy savings during off-peak hours, but many LED solutions can also provide harsh glare that is uncomfortable for drivers and pedestrians.

So, how can you reduce lighting operating costs, and improve visual comfort to increase safety and security?

Watch this video to see what Philips Lighting proposes as the ultimate solution.


Hope you enjoyed this foretaste of SoftView LED parking garage luminaires. We look forward to revealing much more very soon. Please stay connected.

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