Hanging with the 2016 Times Square Ball Numerals in NYC


They are big. They are bright. They made their way down Broadway yesterday for their first appearance of the year. It’s the 2016 numeral delivery at Duffy Square, a skip and a hop away from Times Square in New York City.


As a crowd gathers, the 2016 numerals are carefully set-up for a festive and entertaining photo op session with the public.


The Times Square Ball numerals delivery has become an annual happening where you can get your photo taken up close with the 7 feet tall numerals. It’s a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.


You can either take a selfie or have the professional photographer on hand take your picture. A lovely snapshot with a group of friends, your family or your special someone will certainly put you in a jovial mood.


Lighting the last two digits of the NYE 2016 numerals requires 207 outdoor rated Philips BR30 LED bulbs. 72 bulbs for the numeral « 1 » and 135 bulbs for the numeral « 6 ».


The next time you see these numerals will be at the stroke of midnight on December 31st. The lights on the New Year’s Eve Ball will be turned off as the numerals of the New Year burst to life shining high above Times Square.


For the latest news concerning the New Year’s Eve 2016 Times Square Ball Drop, follow us on Twitter on @PhilipsLight #balldrop.

VIDEO – Numeral Delivery (15 sec.)

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