Philips energy efficient lighting is breathing new life into Spain’s Plaza del Milenio


Creating new pride in a city square

“Valladolid, with its extraordinary urban landscape that is as unique as it is environmentally friendly, innovative and versatile, has created a meeting space for everyone to enjoy, which extends along both banks of the river Pisuerga, joined by a renovated sustainable bridge acting as the backbone and the axis linking the two banks.”

 -Mr. Fernando Rubio, Chief Executive of Valladolid municipal council

 Customer challenge

The Plaza del Melinio is a shining example of urban redevelopment. The city of Valladolid recently renovated the space from an open-air car park to a lively and dynamic space. The square features a 1,500 capacity multifunction dome. But to really bring the area to life, modern lighting was needed.


The right lighting

The aim of the project was to create a space that would excite, educate, and inspire all who visit it. To achieve this, Philips was asked to create an attractive atmosphere with light. The local council sought a solution that would be 100% LED, apart from the perimeter lighting.


Philips was able to provide a complete solution. To turn the dome into an eyecatching icon, the outer wall was lined with eW Graze Powercore lights. These linear fixtures make the whole building glow, with vibrant colours that can be easily adjusted by operators. LED landscape lighting was installed around the square, painting fountains, steps and architecture with stunning lighting effects.


Urbanscene street lights were also added to create breath-taking lighting effects that attract passers-by to the area. The end result of all these effects is an amazing visual spectacle, with stunning light scenarios that interact with each other. Energy efficient lighting has helped to revitalize the area into a place of pride for the city.

To be as environmentally friendly as possible, the new lighting system is compatible with the solar panels and wind turbines that provide power in the square.


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