Bringing Controls to Every Fixture with Philips EasySense Fixture-Mount Sensor


There is a lot of buzz about connected lighting…using luminaires to create networks for controlling lighting and extracting data from the spaces used by people. It is here, and it is a fast growing application. But, there are plenty of applications that do not need to be networked and where basic stand-alone controls are “just good enough”.

Enter EasySense.


EasySense targets basic fixture control applications for energy-saving and code-compliance strategies. The essential functionality for these applications—occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting—are bundled into a single, compact, cost-effective solution to make per-fixture control practical. Having controls arrive at the jobsite pre-assembled speeds installation time and reduces installation errors. The sensor is configured to work right “out of the box” with no commissioning required. An intuitive app is available for wireless adjustment of any sensor parameters to meet the specific nuances of the installation. And, the app can be used for field task tuning (also called institutional tuning or high end trim) to set the maximum light levels at the site. The net result gives you a solution that is economical, reliable, and easy for OEMs to design-in.


EasySense brings the following:

  1. Occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and field task tuning in one device.
  2. Single, compact device makes fixture mounting practical.
  3. Simple two-wire connection to Xitanium SR Drivers.
  4. Pre-sets work right out of the box, intuitive app for changing settings if desired.

EasySense is targeted for linear office applications. Models for other applications as well as additional accessories and options are also forthcoming. For a glimpse into the ever evolving world of EasySense, contact your local Philips Sales representative.

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