Philips Luminous Patterns: Make a statement with patterns of light


Luminous Patterns opens up a world of exciting new possibilities for designers because all our lights are digitally connected, enabling you to craft dynamic effects that bring a space to life, from vibrant sequences to subtle ambiances.

Dynamic patterns of light

We have created a collection of four light effects. Sparkling points of light have an enchanting combination of warmth and brilliance with a rich, golden light that resembles real candles. Radiant lines of light enhance spaces with a visual motion. Luminous 2D patterns are laser-cut so you can infuse a graphic pattern with a gentle luminosity. And glowing 3D patterns are laser-cut and bent into a variety of shapes, creating delightful patterns of light with shadow and depth.


Beautiful graphic panels

Luminous Patterns panels are built to order and are available in a range of standard or custom finishes. The light effects can be arranged in a choice of distinctive patterns, including those by Dutch graphic designer Jessica Nielsen. Our stock patterns can be applied to various panel sizes and can span across multiple panel layouts. You can also design your own custom layouts of light nodes to create a bespoke feature.

Quick and easy installation Philips Luminous Patterns panels come fully assembled and ready to install. Within only a few steps you have a fully controllable luminous surface.



Express your style with patterns of light

The art of attraction takes more than illumination. With a selection of optical light effects to play with, you can transform the retail experience into something far more magical.

Embellish interior surfaces with glittering effects to create captivating spaces that surprise and delight. Use light lines to add movement and drama. Bring retail brands to life in new and exciting ways that connect with customers on the deepest level.

Luminous Patterns can channel your ideas to express a brand’s style beautifully, giving a store exceptional stand out and making merchandise impossible to resist.



Fuse patterns of light into architectural surfaces to create distinctive brand expressions for corporate clients. Blend contemporary surfaces with color, pattern and light to create a signature statement. Enhance interiors with a subtle glow for the warmest welcome. Or turn on the attitude with a dramatic light display that is ultra modern.

With Luminous Patterns you can transform office lighting into a dynamic experience that invigorates and stimulates, refreshes and excites. So the days fly by and everyone feels wonderful about office life.


Philips Luminous Patterns is a new venture within Philips Lighting. Our mission is to transform architectural surfaces into luminous experiences. We are a small dedicated team who want to help you in creating your experience.

Philips Luminous Patterns are available in North America, Europe and Asia.

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