Philips LED Lamps for Everyday Use


Philips Lighting has come up with a product line that is targeted around a low cost replacement for halogen, CFL and incandescent lamps.

The Philips LED Lamps for Everyday Use is a family of products designed as the most cost-effective CFL/halogen replacement. We have targeted replacements for the most popular conventional lamp types including the 60W and 100W A19 incandescent, the 90W halogen Par38 and the 65W incandescent BR30.

With these Philips LED Lamps for Everyday Use a quick return on investment (ROI) is delivered without the need for utility rebates.


Philips A-Line Lamps

We have 4 products being introduced in the A-line. There are two color temperature options for both the 60W and 100W equivalent LEDs.

The product is non-dimmable but it will not strobe or flash if put on a dimmer. It just won’t dim.

Lifetime is over 10,000hours or ten years.

The 9.5 A19 LED is a 60W replacement with 800 lumens and 2700 K

The 8 A19 LED is also a 60W replacement with 800 lumens and 5000 K.

The 14.5 A19 LED is a 100W replacement with 1500 lumens and 2700 K.

The 14 A19 LED is a 100 W replacement with 1500 lumens and 5000 K.

Shape wise, the lamps are identical for both the 60W and 100W equivalent LED Lamps. If you pick up one of each in your hands you won’t be able to tell the difference between any of those four lamps. You will have look at the lamp markings to see all the information which is printed on the product itself.  Of course there is a visual difference between the color temperatures as well.

Philips Reflector lamps


These new reflectors are replacements for CFL/ Halogen/Incandescent lamps and not meant as a sell down from the higher performance LEDs.

The 11W PAR38 is a 90W replacement. It can be used on motion sensors and timers, however it is not dimmable. Its color temperature is 3000K and provides 950 lumens with an average rated life of over 10,000 hours.

The 8W BR30 LED is a 65W replacement and is dimmable. The 8W BR30 provides 650 lumens and is available in 2700 K.


Philips Reflector lamps with warm glow effect


What is the warm glow effect?

The warm glow effect is a warming of the color temperature as you dim.  As you dim the product from full brightness down to about 10% the color temperature changes from 2700K to 2200K the sweet spot when trying to achieve an incandescent-like dimming experience.

One key feature of Philips LED lamps with warm glow effect is that the lamp maintains around 80 CRI throughout the entire dimming range.

We focused on traditional shapes so that there isn’t a shock value from switching from incandescent to the LEDs.

All three products are ENERGY STAR® certified and are available for most utility rebates.

One of the cool effects of our warm glow technology is that it is universal across all of the different lamp types. Therefore, if different lamp types are placed on the same dimming circuit they will all dim in a very similar manner for a uniform light creating the desired ambience.


The 6W R20 LED replaces the 50W R20 and provides 450 lumens. The color temperature ranges from 2700K -2200K as the lamp is dimmed and has a lifetime of 25,000 hrs.

The BR30 and BR40 are both 9W products, equivalent to a 65W incandescent and provide 650 lumens.


Please note that 9W BR40 provides 650 lumens and replaces our 12W BR40 which provided 800 lumens.  This was done to ensure we were able to replace the most popular incandescent BR40 at a cost-effective price.

Bulletin: Philips LED Lamps for Everyday Use – PDF


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