Winners of CLUE 01 Competition in NYC to attend Lightfair 2015


Our top 2 winners of the CLUE Competition had their dreams come true with a trip to New York City to attend Lightfair 2015.

In February, The CLUE unveiled the winners of its International Lighting Design Contest. Along with their prize money the 1st and 2nd prize winners of CLUE Edition 01 / INTERFACE, also received a stipend to travel to New York to attend Lightfair International 2015 that was held on May 5-7. Lightfair is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. No need to say that for young students and professionals like this year’s winners, it was an exciting experience for them to learn about the latest lighting, design and technology innovations. Winners appreciated their trip to the Big Apple.

The 1st prize laureates of the CLUE 01 Competition were three young professionals from the Philippines with a passion for design and architecture. Mr. Michael Luigi I. Manzano and his team Riel L. Gutierrez and Roselane Leigh Jade T. To Chip received the top honor for their project Photovascular System which proposes a symbiotic indoor and outdoor lighting system. Roselane Leigh Jade T. To Chip was the one representing her team in NYC. Here are some of Roselane’s thoughts about her trip:

‘’I started out with very little knowledge about lighting design. However, my visit to the LFI, especially the Philips booth and the transformable design talk, granted me greater insight into the industry. This sparked an even greater interest and curiosity within me for lighting. I believe fairs like this are crucial in educating people like me who have yet to be entranced by the impact of lighting design. And I love how lighting design is rapidly becoming more seamless with architectural, interior, and industrial design.’’

Roselane also had the chance to visit one of the most popular attractions of New York; the Times Square Ball which Philips is the official lighting partner. She was really impressed with this famous landmark.

‘’The experience was very surreal. I never would’ve dreamt that I would actually be able to see the Times Square Ball so close, and I never imagined that it would employ such advanced methods, considering that it was created decades ago. I truly enjoyed the brilliant sight, but equally so, I enjoyed the company that night. I was able to meet people who actually work in the field of lighting design, and hear them talk about their career with great sense and humor. There’s really nothing quite like it.’’

Mr. Hyunje Joo, who is originally from Korea and now studies in Germany, was awarded second prize for his project Dancing on the clouds that actively engages its environment by changing shapes with the climate and the people around. Hyunje enjoyed his experience in New York.

‘’I was really excited and thoroughly enjoyed my visit to New York. Being part of Lightfair2015 as an architect was great because I’ve been able to see international firms there and I’ve been able to learn more about lighting effects.’’

The winners also had the chance to meet CLUE board members during the 2015 IALD Education Trust Benefit Dinner + 32nd IALD Annual International Lighting Design Awards Presentation where CLUE attended as a silver sponsor. It was great opportunity for our two winners, CLUE board members and even Philips representative to connect together.

We had great discussions and a wonderful time was had by all. CLUE received some great visibility and we had the chance to introduce the CLUE Competition to key people from different Universities that were seated at our table.

Here is some feedback from our winners on that dinner:
Hyunje: ‘’At the IALD Dinner, I almost felt like in a TV show or a film! I cannot believe yet that I was there! It was also very nice to meet CLUE jury members that were part of that evening too. I wished I could speak English better so I could connect more with everyone!’’

Roselane: ‘’As I listened to the up and coming project/project proposals and the awards given to the big names in the industry, it became even more evident that lighting has become a big player in architectural design. It is great to know that there are patrons who strive to support the advancement of lighting studies. Education on lighting design is, as yet, fledgling for most areas of the world, but it is apparent that it has come a long way. I do hope that perhaps I may one day be able to partake in such.’’

Hyunje also shared with us that thanks to the CLUE Competition, he had lots of great experiences that he never expected to have and for which he was very grateful. He believes he will get synergy from all those experiences.

We hope this article will encourage young students and professionals alike to submit innovative lighting concepts for our next CLUE Competition Edition 02. Stay tuned for all the competition details on the CLUE web site as well as their Facebook and Twitter platforms. The Philips Lighting Blog will also keep you updated on CLUE02.

If you want to learn more on the winners of the CLUE Competition Edition 01, please read their respective interviews here:

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