Winners of the CLUE Competiton- Edition 01


The CLUE has unveiled the three winners of its International Lighting Design Contest, held this year under the theme Interface. Winners have been officially announced on social media (CLUE Facebook page and Twitter account) and as well as on the CLUE web site (

Mr. Michael Luigi I. Manzano from Philippines and his team (Riel L. Gutierrez / Roselane Leigh Jade T. To Chip), have won the first prize of $5,000 for their project Photovascular System; the second prize of $2,500 was awarded to Mr. Hyunje Joo from Germany for Dancing on the clouds; and lastly, the third prize, of $1,000 was awarded to Mr. Rahul Gujarathi from Singapore, for INTERLACE.

Over 150 Interface Lighting Proposals

This year’s participants were asked to explore transformative potentials and to define unique lighting innovations that celebrate the activities of both the built and unbuilt communities. Incorporating the concepts of contact, transparency, transition, threshold, limits, dark/light, natural/artificial, the interface focuses on the spatial interactions influenced by exchanges between one and the other, and thereby distinguishing the two adjacent spaces. CLUE Edition 01 received 151 projects from 41 different countries. CLUE members and the professional jury were impressed with the wide diversity of design solutions in response to this year’s challenging theme. From the finalists, the 7-members jury awarded 3 prizes and 1 honorable mention to distinguish the most thought-provoking projects. Have a look to the winners of this edition:

First Prize – Photovascular System

Our jury awarded the first prize to Mr. Michael Luigi I. Manzano from the Philippines and his team (Riel L. Gutierrez / Roselane Leigh Jade T. To Chip). The project Photovascular System proposes a symbiotic indoor and outdoor lighting system. During daytime, a sense of transparency is created as it channels natural light indoors without compromising physical enclosures and privacy. Distributing daylight into the building during the day and, reversely at night, using indoor lights to celebrate exterior architecture features. It was chosen by the jury because, not only does it use the interface as a channel for lighting but it also creates an intimacy between the day and the night.

Second Prize – Dancing on the clouds

Dancing on the clouds, brought to us by Mr. Hyunje Joo from Germany was awarded second prize for his project that actively engages its environment by changing shapes with the climate and the people around. It was deemed by our jury as being very poetic and helps bringing people together. There is an interesting relationship between the object and the user. It is a very good interface between the sky and the ground.

Third Prize – Interlace

The third prize is awarded to Mr. Rahul Gujarathi from Singapore for the project Interlace. The translucent PV cells and OLEDs allow indirect light to pass through during the day thus illuminating the interior. At the same time they provide privacy to the interior and avoid the glare from the sun. After dark the glass transforms into a plane of soft light, soothing to our eyes, a light curtain that people are able to touch and feel, thus redefining the experience of light. The jury selected it because the panels are the lighting, the electrical source, the intimacy curtain and the interface all in one, offering lots of possibilities.

Honorable mention – The Styx

The jury also awarded an honorable mention to this relevant project. Mrs. Jin Yung Bargon from Germany for the project The Styx. It is the only proposal that dared to cover the interface between the living and the dead which the jury found out of the box.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants for such creative and innovative lighting concepts. See you for the next edition and stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for any CLUE updates.

About CLUE

The CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) competition expects to further position itself inside the larger community of lighting professionals and continue on the route of being an internationally recognized leader in the design community. Therefore, CLUE has set itself the goal of encouraging and challenging young designers such as students (University & Colleges) and emerging Professionals (<5 years in their profession) to develop innovative lighting concepts for interior and exterior spaces, stimulate challenging ideas and recognize individuals creating those ideas.

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